>>Queens Club

A big, red heart shining with the inscription “Club Queens” shows the way to the place where the fulfilment of all your wishes is guaranteed.
At the well-decorated bar, between 8 and 10 gorgeous women in sexy little outfits are to be found waiting for their guests. Argentineans, Polish, Russians, Thai, black women; here you will find whatever your heart is looking for.
These ladies are natural and they are certainly worth taking the time to meet. 

They are all impetuosity, full of youth, erotic charisma and the passion in their eyes captivates their guests. You can experience your most pleasurable moments in our private and comfortable rooms, designed especially for love-games. If you wish only to relax and drink a beer at our well stocked bar, you are equally welcome in Queens!

Our service can also include visits by our female staff to your hotel/home. Queens is open from 22:00 to 06:00. 

                               Queens Club

Trasimeno 30 A •  Ballermann 2
El Arenal  Telefon: 971 74 42 81

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