If you come to visit us, you will think that the garden of La Escondida is like a hidden and enchanted paradise. Flowers and palms line the way to the exclusive country house, which boasts a large swimming pool, where turquoise water and nice girls invite you to have a swim. A path covered by wild vines leads to the main entrance. Behind this door there is a small and elegant wood-decorated bar, where guests can meet 12 charming , sexy and hot-blooded girls, all ready to please very demanding costumers.

The fireworks light the way to the huge grounds of Escondida to those looking for love. Here you will find three clubs open simultaneously.

One girl is elegant and sensual, the other is playful, and the third is passionate and demanding. But there is something you can expect from all three: sensual relaxation in a dream-like atmosphere.
Those wanting a drink with one of the women can take one of our private booths, these have an exclusive decoration: chimney, period furniture, candles and flowers.In La Escondida you can enjoy even more pleasure in one of the marvellous love rooms, some of these have a round four-poster and others are surrounded by mirrors. There are also spas for fun or relaxation.

Recommendation: Make sure you have plenty of time when visiting La Escondida! Our friendly staff is waiting for you and it is open 19 hours a day, from 1200 to 0700 and private parking is available.


Tel.: 971549037

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